Sustainable Growth Through Local Food From Local Farms


Kurt Friese's entire career has been built around promoting local, sustainable food and small-scale food production.  A key to succeeding at that is to protect farmland from concrete, and to encourage urban food production. 

Yet there is so much more, and it is all inter-related.  As Kurt says on his blog:

Because I come from the profession of hospitality, I talk about food a lot.  Food of course is tied to everything we humans do.  But it is tied most closely to the soil.  How we treat the soil of course affects our water.  Our water problems in JoCo and throughout Iowa affect our ability to be a resilient community.  Resilient communities are regenerative communities, they support themselves sustainably, including everyone in the community, by providing energy, by providing meaningful work, lifting barriers to employment like transportation, respecting everyone's inherent worth and dignity, and seeing to it that they have homes to feel safe in.  In those homes, they gather around tables to share healthful food, that comes from the healthy soil, that traps carbon well to stave off global warming.  The effects of global warming hit the economically disadvantaged populations the hardest, which add to the injustices they are already experiencing, exacerbating poverty, worsening food insecurities, which brings us back to food.

Kurt has spent a three-and-a-half decade-long career gathering people around tables.  He understands civil discourse, how to listen to all sides and include all stakeholders.  His goal is to build a Johnson County that is more regenerative, resilient, sustainable and inclusive.  

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