Roadmap 2020: Cycling ALL of #JoCo's Cities, Towns, and Townships

Throughout the month of May, I will endeavor to ride my bike through all 12 cities, 9 towns and 22 townships of Johnson County.  The #Roadmap2020 Tour will highlight all the beautiful rides and great trails of Johnson County, and along the way, I'll be knocking on doors, attending meet'n'greets and firehouse pancake breakfasts and church basement suppers and farmers markets and anything else I can find where I can listen to residents visions for what we can do in the next 4 years.

The Johnson County Land Use Plan is up for its 10-year review now through 2018, when it will be revised and renewed.  If it's not done right, we'll have 10 more years of pouring concrete on farm land.  This tour will bring that and many other issues facing JoCo to light, and is my chance to listen to your concerns, ideas, hopes and dreams for making our community regenerative, resilient, sustainable and inclusive.

So that's where you come in.  Are you willing to host a meet'n'greet, either in your home or at a local coffee house or bar?  All it takes is inviting friends to come share a drink, or wine and cheese, or coffee, or whatever you like, and discuss Johnson County's future.  Come tell me what you want the Board of Supervisors to do (or not do!) for you.  Reach out via our contact page  (scroll down a little).

You can also join me for the rides!  I'll post them all in advance on the News & Events page here on the website, as well as on the campaign Facebook page (where I'll also post event invitations).  They'll be all sorts of different times of day and days of the week, short rides and long (though rarely more than 20 miles).  I'd love the company. LET'S RIDE!