Having driven a van for Table to Table every week for some time now, in addition to his work at the Shelter House, Kurt has seen first hand the extent of the need in Johnson County.  There is no excuse for allowing a single person, least of all a child, to miss even one meal.

One of the best efforts to help with this cause is called Wholesome Wave, which is a way to make SNAP Benefits (better known as "food stamps") worth double in farmers markets.  Another, quite simply, is to raise wages.  No one who works full time should be hungry.  In fact, no one should be hungry, full stop.

It's about more than access

Friese's entire career has revolved around food and improving the food system through his work with Slow Food USA, Chef's Collaborative, Feeding America and others.  H e understands that we do not just have a food problem in America, we have a cooking problem in America.  Too many people forgot or never learned how to cook.  That's why he supports the efforts of local organizations like Field to Family (which he helped found) and Local Foods Connection, which are not just helping supply fresh, local, seasonal food in Johnson County, but also helping people learn how to cook it.

He has also advocated for the creation of The Public Hearth, a self-sustaining and decentralized organization to help people teach people how to cook.