Organized Labor has been under assault for decades.  Republicans in the legislature think they drove in the last nail when they gutted Chapter 20, crippling public sector unions and stripping teachers and other public servants of collective bargaining rights.

Kurt reads the letter he wrote, that all 5 Supervisors signed onto, calling on the University of Iowa to continue support for the nearly 7-decade-old UI Labor Center.

More recently, Republican budget cuts led to the University of Iowa's decision to close the labor center.  Kurt wrote the letter that all the supervisors signed, calling on UI President Bruce Harreld to rescind that order and save the labor center.  Effort to keep it alive are ongoing, because the workers never quit. 

Seeing the potential harm of losing those bargaining rights, the Board of Supervisors wisely negotiated the contracts with its public sector unions before the new rules were handed down, and lasting through 2021.  That gives the public 2 shots at changing the legislature and getting those rights back for county workers before renegotiations occur.  Nevertheless it is vital that the Board continue to have Labor's back, and that means having Kurt's strong pro-Labor voice remaining on the Board.

Kurt himself was a union member, briefly, when he was young.  He was a card-carrying member of IATSE Local 191 before his career took a different turn (into foodservice).  His family has a history of strong union support dating all the way back to the Haymarket Riots, where Kurt's great-grandfather wielded a shillelagh in defense of workers' rights.  You can count on Kurt to have Labor's back every step of the way. Forward together, not one step back.