When it comes to public safety, everyone must receive equal treatment under the law, regardless of anything, including immigration status.


As he pursues a draconian immigration policy, the president has announced his intention to eliminate federal funding for so-called "sanctuary" cities and counties across the U.S. that refuse to cooperate with his inhuman deportation plans (whether they are formally declared sanctuaries or not).

Many cities and counties around the country have policies in place that prohibit local authorities from considering immigration status. It is a public safety issue. No person should ever have to fear for their own safety when they need the help of law enforcement authorities.  

If a victim is afraid to report a crime, that criminal remains free to commit the same crime on you and your family.  If law enforcement officers are enjoined from asking about immigration status, that fear is eliminated, freeing law enforcement to help that victim, and the victim to help law enforcement catch that criminal. 

Mayors and city councils of cities such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco and Minneapolis have already rejected Mr. Trump's threat and announced they will not cooperate.Hundreds of counties have followed suit.  As a county supervisor, I call upon Johnson County to formally and specifically support Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek's decision not to cooperate with such efforts, and I am proud that Iowa City is leading other cities in Johnson County to declare that our neighbors are to be kept safe, and refuse to aid in any federal mass-deportation plans. It is highly unlikely that it will cost us federal aid, but if it does, so be it.