Homelessness, Poverty and Fair Housing

Kurt Friese worked with the Shelter House of Iowa City to create a micro-apprenticeship program to help get their clients the rudimentary skills necessary to gain entry-level employment in the food service industry.  It's a very challenging endeavor and it met with both successes and failures.

Along the way, Kurt learned first hand some of the realities of homelessness: That "Housing First" is the watchword - getting people into a physical home, a safe place, is necessary before any progress can be made regarding any other troubles a person may be facing.  Be it joblessness, mental illness, or its all-too-common symptom: addiction, a safe place to call home is required before any headway can be made.

A stand against urban sprawl is not a stand against all development.  Johnson County needs a comprehensive inclusive housing ordinance to require that when development does occur in the county, proper accommodations must be made for affordable, accessible housing, with adequate transportation options, and when it occurs in the city it meets a basic level of inclusiveness in affordable housing.