Growth is vital, but uncontrolled growth is a malignancy.


We Rewrote the land use plan

In a massive 2-year effort with input from all stakeholders, over 30 listening posts and public hearings, countless work sessions and the dedicated work of the Comprehensive Plan Committee, the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Planning, Development and Sustainability Dept. staff, and the Board of Supervisors, Johnson County has its first ever Comprehensive Plan.  It eliminates the North Corridor Development Area (as Kurt promised in his first campaign), reins in development almost entirely to within the city fringe areas, and sets goals for sustainability and resilience to guide the county for the next 10 years.

Stop pouring concrete on farmland

Once the concrete is poured, the farm land can never be recovered.  The county eliminated the North Corridor Development Area, now we must protect that progress and keep focusing growth on infill development.  Growing up rather than out is not only more environmentally sustainable, it not only helps protect our farmland, but building over six stories also means steel, and that means good-paying Union jobs with PLAs and safety requirements.


stop the lilly pads

Lilly pads are beautiful when they are floating on Lake MacBride.  But they are dangerous and unsustainable as a model for residential zoning, plopping a small development in a former cornfield far from utilities and other resources is wasteful and unsustainable.  Let's keep growth contiguous to our cities.