Growth is vital, but uncontrolled growth is a malignancy.


Rewrite the land use plan

The North Corridor Development Area, or NCDA, has already stretched its limits and needs to be restricted.  By some measures, there are already 1,600 undeveloped lots zoned residential in Johnson County, enough for 20 years worth of growth. 

Stop pouring concrete on farmland

Once the concrete is poured, the farm land can never be recovered.  The county should shrink or eliminate the North Corridor Development Area; create new growth areas within the one-half mile around our cities; and start a moratorium on new residential rezonings, during which time the county can create a better plan for residential growth.


stop the lilly pads

Lilly pads are beautiful when they are floating on Lake MacBride.  But they are dangerous and unsustainable as a model for residential zoning, plopping a small development in a former cornfield far from utilities and other resources is wasteful and unsustainable.  Let's keep growth contiguous to our cities.